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Matthew's Story

Matthew was continuously running away from God. When his drug addiction landed him in jail, he knew he hit rock bottom. Feeling broken and empty inside, Matthew finally said a prayer asking God for help. “I realized I needed a life change. I needed to get away from my old environment,” he shares. After Matthew was released from jail, he came to the Mission for what he thought would be temporary shelter.

"No matter how difficult my journey may be,

I'm not alone. God led me to the Mission" - Matthew

While speaking with one of the Mission’s pastors, Matthew realized he needed to completely surrender his life to Christ. “I accepted Christ as my savior and then joined the Recovery Program. It was a tough journey, but I knew I needed to let God take control.” After submitting his life to Christ, Matthew turned his life around and worked hard to earn his GED and graduate from the Mission’s Recovery Program. He was successful with both goals which he says are his two greatest accomplishments in life.  


“After graduation, I went on a hike with one of the pastors from the Mission. It was long and tiring, but at the end of the trail there was a cross. I broke down in tears. I realized that no matter how difficult my journey may be, I’m not alone. God led me to the Mission after I prayed in that jail cell.”