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Blake's Story

Blake is no stranger to uncertain and challenging times. Battling PTSD from his military service along with a drug addiction left Blake feeling broken and hopeless. Not only did he lose his job, car, and home, but he also lost his relationships with loved ones. There were times he had nowhere to stay so he slept underneath bridges on the streets of Pittsburgh. Desperate to be set free from the chains of addiction, he even tried to take his own life.


Blake learned about the Mission and its ministries from his parents. With nowhere to go and losing hope, he decided to join the men’s Recovery Program. Now at the Mission, he is able to find rest, peace, and most importantly, recovery. In the Recovery Program, he is addressing his life issues through classes and chapel services. “This place changed my life. I have responsibilities and accountability here.”

"I am thankful for everyone's prayers.

Prayer really does make a difference" - Blake

Some of Blake’s responsibilities include helping to serve meals to the community. “I really enjoy helping others and giving back. I think we all take having food and a bed for granted. I enjoy seeing what a difference it makes in people’s lives to receive a meal.” Blake has been able to find happiness and strength while focusing on helping others who are also struggling.


Now focused on growing in his faith and healing from his past, Blake has seen what a difference it makes to have Jesus at the center of his recovery. “I pray every day now. I’ve never had this relationship with Jesus before.” On his road to recovery, Blake has mended his relationships with family. He finally feels close to them again without the barrier of his addiction. “I believe the only reason I am still alive is because my mom is a prayer warrior. She never stopped praying for me.”


Before stepping foot through the doors, Blake knew the Mission ran completely on the generosity of donors and volunteers. “I am so grateful there are people who want to help and give back. I’m also thankful for all of their prayers. Prayer really does make a difference.