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John's Story

John was desperate for recovery. He had been battling addiction on and off for years with little success. It took a toll on all aspect of his life, including his relationship with Christ. However, God was faithful through his struggles and led John to the Mission. “I’m not from New Castle, but a pastor told me about the Mission’s Recovery Program for men. I felt God lead me here with blind faith.”

As a believer, John realized Jesus was a crucial part of his recovery. He was excited to discover that at the Mission, he would have the opportunity to focus solely on healing from his past and rebuilding his relationship with Christ. “Other programs never worked for me because He wasn’t part of it. Here I have been able to stay focused on my journey and getting better. I needed more guidance and support, this place helped. I was really able to deepen my faith here.”

"God lead me here with blind faith" - John

The structure of the Recovery Program gives men the opportunity to take a variety of Biblical life-skill classes to give them the help and tools that will prepare them for life on their own post-graduation. “I really enjoyed all of the classes. They taught me how to confront my past and deal with issues like anger management.” Participants also have responsibilities such as serving meals to the community or assisting with the shelter’s upkeep. “I enjoy the service aspects of the program and helping others. It’s shown me simple kindness goes a long way.”


Now that John has graduated from the Recovery Program, he feels ready to return to his home clean, stronger, and prepared for life’s challenges. “My strength is in Christ. I see things differently now. I felt a lot of support from both staff and volunteers at the Mission. This place built my integrity and taught me how to love people no matter what. I always try to have a positive attitude and my beliefs are even stronger.”