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Anthony's Story

When Anthony was homeless, he came to the Men’s Crossroads Emergency Shelter where he received food, shelter and job search assistance to get back on his feet. It was the first time he heard about Christ, since he grew up in a Muslim household.


“I was grateful for the help I received and always stayed in touch. I came to the Mission for community meals once in a while and I went to all of the holiday meals and celebrations. I even stayed for chapel services.” But Anthony knew he needed more than physical help. Some bad decisions took a toll on his life and everything began to fall apart.

"I surrendered my life to Christ and I am a new creation!

I can feel God's presence at the Mission" - Anthony

“I lost everything. I was a complete mess and I felt broken.” This time when Anthony returned to the Mission, he joined the Recovery Program for a life-change. Now he is receiving the help he needs for his soul. “I surrendered my life to Christ and I am a new creation! I can feel God’s presence at the Mission.”


With time to focus on learning God’s word through chapel services and Bible classes, Anthony has completely transformed his life. “The Mission is the place where change happens. There is help here for everyone. They’ve given me everything I could possibly need and more.”