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Rob's Story

When Rob lost his job, he began to lose hope. He had a family to care for and the pressures of life became too much. Turning to drugs as a way to cope, he was soon suffering from the bondage of addiction. Knowing he desperately needed a life-change, Rob came to the Mission for the Recovery Program.


Joining the Recovery Program within the Men’s Ministry gave Rob an opportunity to focus on his recovery while having all of his other essential needs provided for. “It’s a blessing to be able to focus on rebuilding myself and finding my strength in Jesus,” he shares. Participants in the program are given a safe place to sleep and daily meals along with any additional care they may need. The structured, biblically-based program teaches men to overcome their life issues through chapel services, discipleship classes, and the support for staff and volunteers.


"Jesus is the only way to get clean

Rob has already seen major changes in his life since joining the program. “I have been clean ever since! I have never encountered anything like this place before. I really enjoy the comradery I have with the other men. It’s encouraging to work through the program with people who have gone through the same struggles as me.”


Having the time to grow significantly in his faith has made Rob realize he is never truly alone. “I used to struggle with depression and anxiety because I felt like I needed to do everything myself. Now I feel stronger because I know how to turn to Jesus for help.”


Because of generous and compassionate donors, many other men like Rob are able to break the chains that bind them and find freedom through Christ within the Recovery Program. “Jesus is the only way to get clean. I’m grateful for everyone’s help at the Mission and I’m excited to get my life back on track!”