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Sean's Story

The end of a bad relationship sent Sean into emotional turmoil. As he turned to alcohol to cope, his circumstances worsened when he lost his job and home. Feeling like everything was falling apart in his life, Sean needed a place where he could heal and regroup. His family recommended the City Rescue Mission’s Recovery Program.


Sean has always had a strong work ethic. In the Recovery Program, he has taken on leadership roles and has worked hard in managing his responsibilities. “The structure and responsibilities I have at the Mission keeps me busy. It helps me not to think about alcohol or focus on the past,” he shares. Some of his responsibilities include serving meals in the community kitchen to hungry people in need. “It feels good to help out and serve others.”

"I'm realizing that I am stronger

than I thought I was" - Sean

The structure of the program has given Sean a support system he needed. He feels comforted knowing he can talk to the pastors about what he is going through and turn to them for assistance in his healing process. Program classes have helped to teach him different ways to address and cope with life issues. Overall, Sean has been able to find peace at the Mission as he works to get back on his feet.


“I am realizing I’m stronger than I thought I was. I’m happy to have this time to really work on myself. I’m learning things that will help me move forward with my life after graduating the program.”