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Janet's Story...

When Janet and her husband became jobless, they faced eviction from their home. With no money, food or change of clothes, they were forced to separate. Janet realized the sudden shock and horror of homelessness.  “I think I’m just going to wake up and it’s not happening.”  Alone and overwhelmed with fear, she worried she would spend days or weeks without a meal and no place to sleep. With help of a local church, Janet contacted Hope Place, the City Rescue Mission’s shelter for women and children. With great relief, Janet learned her husband was staying at the Mission, too. Janet felt her faith increase. “God’s going to help us, He’s going to get us through this.” When Janet arrived at Hope Place, the Mission's shelter for women and children, she was surprised by the safety and comfort provided and knew it was God’s direction leading her there. Arriving in time for the holiday season, Janet was stunned by the amount of clothing, food and care given to her, “So much good food, and for Christmas, we got bags and bags of gifts!”

“I know God's with me..."

The love shown by staff and volunteers eased Janet’s stressful ordeal making her feel comforted and welcomed. “This place is wonderful.” Janet learned making new friends is easy at the Mission. She witnessed a sense of community and camaraderie while attending church each week and sharing morning devotions. “It’s nice to hear other’s stories, They’re like a family to me.” Over the course of several months, Janet didn’t expect the spiritual change starting to take place in her life. “I got a lot closer to God. I didn’t think when I came here, I’d be reading my Bible and saying prayers!”


During Janet’s stay, The Men's Ministry staff helped her husband get a new I.D., and find a good job in the hospitality industry.  Janet is prayerful for the success of her husband’s new job. Since her first day at the Mission, Janet’s faith has grown. She knows God is responsible for the path she and her husband are taking. “He loves us and He’s taking care of us. I feel cleansed.”  Tearfully, Janet expresses joy and gratitude for the new direction given to her life and for the love, friendship and care she received at the Mission. “It’s a whole new life for us now.  I know God’s with me.  I thank Him every day, for food, friends and family.”