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Mariah's Story...

When Mariah and her son came to the Mission for shelter, she was scared and nervous of how they would be treated. “I was worried about feeling judged. I’ve never been good with new people and didn’t know what to expect,” she shares. It was a pleasant surprise when she was welcomed by caring people into a place where she could feel God’s presence.


Although Mariah always believed in Jesus, she didn’t always have the strongest relationship with Him. However, she soon realized He had led her to the Mission for a reason. “I have learned a lot more about the Bible than I had ever known before. My faith has grown and I feel more encouraged. I know this is where God wanted me to be at this time in my life.”

“I know this is where God wanted me..."

What was most encouraging to Mariah was how volunteers, staff, and donors made her feel loved, welcomed, and accepted. “Everyone at the Mission has been so kind to me. I feel like I can open up to them, which has never been easy for me,” she shares. She and her son had a wonderful experience celebrating the holiday season at the Mission. “I couldn’t believe all the generosity of donors. It was completely unexpected. I had everything I could ever need and more.”


As she prepares for the future, Mariah feels more confident in herself now that she has the support of the Mission. “This place has been a positive environment for both me and my son. They’ve been have encouraging and helpful every step of the way. I feel like I’ll always be able to turn to them for help in the future, even after I leave,” she shares.