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Barbara's Story...

For years, Barbara suffered from an unknown illness that eventually led to her being jobless and homeless. “I was staying with a friend when I found out I had a tumor near my brain that had been causing my sickness.” As she went into surgery, she was overcome with a sense of peace from the Lord and knew He was going to be with her through her ordeal.


After Barbara’s recovery, she was once again homeless with nowhere to go. “I told my daughter, ‘Take me to the place with the bright, red cross on the side of the building in New Castle. I think they can help me there.’” Once at the Mission, Barbara was connected to the Women’s Ministry where she was able to find emergency shelter at Hope Place.

“I feel like I'm finally able to rest, heal and recover."

Although Barbara was extremely thankful for the safe shelter, she did not expect to be staying very long. But while praying, God put it on her heart to ask about long term programs at the Mission. “I knew God led me here for a reason. I learned about the Women’s Ministry long term program called Jesus First.”

In Jesus First, Barbara has been able to focus solely on her relationship with God and grow in her faith through classes, Bible studies and devotions. She enjoys the comforts of Hope Place and the sense of community and camaraderie she feels with staff, volunteers, and other guests. “This is where God wants me to be. I feel like I’m finally able to rest, heal, and recover. I found hope at Hope Place.”