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Leila's Story...

When Leila came to the Mission to escape homelessness, she felt lost and unsure of where her life was headed. All she knew was she couldn’t go back to the same place she came from.  “I was nervous about staying at Hope Place. I didn’t know what to expect or if I would fit in with the other women.” All her worries and anxieties were taken away as soon as she realized the Women’s Ministry shelter, Hope Place, is more like a home filled with family.


Once Leila felt comfortable, she spoke with staff about joining the long term program, Jesus First. “I always felt like the lost sheep…I believed in Jesus but never had a relationship with Him,” she shares. Classes, Bible studies and devotions have helped Leila to deepen her faith and have a better understanding of how to apply His word to her daily life.

“I always felt lost... now I am transformed"

While in the program, Leila has also grown closer with the other women. “We are all comfortable with each other. There’s this mutual respect as we all work towards our same goals of growing closer with Christ.” She also has enjoyed having the support of staff members and volunteers. “They are genuine and caring people. It makes all the difference in the world.”


Now that Leila is growing her faith and deepening her relationship with Christ, she no longer feels like the lost sheep. “This place has become my safe haven. Jesus First has helped to bring me to a place in my life where God wants me to be. There’s a real sense of stability here. I have this new strength and foundation preparing me for my future. My faith and life has been completely transformed.”