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Maria's Story...

Maria became homeless after the loss of a loved one. She felt alone, hopeless, and even angry about how her life was turning out. Her circumstances left her with a grim attitude about God. “I’ve always seen God as someone who only takes away but never gives. I was angry with Him for the loss of different loved ones throughout my life,” she shares. Everything changed when Maria came to the City Rescue Mission for shelter. Bible studies, fellowship, and morning devotions helped Maria to learn about Jesus and His love. “I became an entirely new person when I accepted Jesus! I finally realized that He does care about me and loves me. It felt like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders.”

“I became an entirely new person when I accepted Jesus!” -Maria

Maria’s faith and new relationship with Jesus has helped her to let go of the anger and bitterness she had been feeling. It has even helped her to restore broken relationships with family members. “I feel so much happier about life and I even smile more. I am so grateful for all the help the Mission has given me,” she shares. Maria now feels more prepared for her future. She has found a job and is saving up for her own place. Although she still struggles with her loss, Maria realizes that God was able to use the tragedy to bring her to the Mission so she could learn about Him.