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Lilly's Story...

Lilly* is no stranger to hard times. It started when her trailer caught on fire and she became homeless. She then struggled with an illness that left her unable to work. There were times when she was even living out of her car. “It was hard…I felt like my life was being sabotaged. It was one bad thing happening after another,” she shares. Everything changed when she came to the Mission for shelter.


“It is quiet and peaceful here...a great place to regroup"

Lilly was nervous at first about coming to a homeless shelter. She did not know what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised. “Everyone was so welcoming and kind. They really are good people and have helped me a lot.” The Women’s Ministry shelter, Hope Place, feels more like a home than a shelter to most. “It’s so clean, quiet and peaceful here. I love relaxing on the patio outside. It’s been a great place to regroup. I feel safe here.”


Now Lilly has a job and is working towards finding permanent housing. In the meantime, she has caring, supportive people and a safe home at the Mission. It is a blessing for Lilly and others struggling with homelessness to know they are not alone or forgotten because there is help at the Mission.


*Name has been changed to protect identity of guest