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Dee's Story...

One day, Dee found a dollar sitting in the bottom of her purse. Every time she thought about spending it though, she couldn’t find it. It wasn’t until she became homeless and needed a ride to the Mission that she found that dollar. “I needed that dollar for the bus ride to get to the Mission for shelter. That is how I know it was God who brought me here,” shares Dee.


Unfortunate life circumstances left Dee feeling alone and vulnerable for most of her life. “I wasn’t surrounded by the best people before the Mission and my living situation was never good.” Although she was terrified when she became homeless, Dee now feels it was actually for the best.

“Hope Place is peaceful. Even on my worst days, I still feel happy."

Dee is thankful for the loving support from staff and volunteers at the Mission.  “They’ve given me the guidance and help I needed for a fresh start,” she shares. She enjoys having time to focus on her mental and physical health in a place that feels like home. “It’s so peaceful and safe at Hope Place. Even on my worst days, I still feel happy.” 


Morning devotions have helped Dee learn more about God’s love and His plan for her life. “Before the Mission, I felt so lost and unhappy. I thought my life was pointless and that I was useless.” Now Dee is finally feeling what it is like to have hope for the future.