• Janine Story of Change


Janine's Story...

Janine tried to fill a void in her life with drugs. When she realized how much her addiction was taking from her, she sought treatment at a rehabilitation center. After completing her treatment, she had no where to go and was homeless. That is when she turned to City Rescue Mission for help. She came for food and shelter, but ended up receiving so much more. "I soon realized that only God could fill the empty void my life,"  shares Janine. She also realized that she was so focused on fulfilling her physical needs that she overlooked her spiritual needs. Janine is now studying the Bible and creating eternal changes in her life.

"My life is now God-centered, not self-centered. The Mission has built me back up as a human being," shares Janine.

Janine knows that God is working in her life and wants to be an example of his love. She feels free and is grateful for the prayers and support she receives at the Mission. In the future, she hopes to serve God by volunteering with children and sharing the Gospel. Because she is now a new person in Christ, Janine no longer feels any shame or guilt, but instead feels like a priceless creation.