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Julie's Story

Julie is a busy mother of four children. She works hard to provide for her family, but sometimes money can be tight. She is thankful that she can turn to the Mission for assistance. "There are some difficult months where I need help to feed my family. When I come to the Mission, they give me groceries and other items we need. It has been a great help," shares Julie.

"When times get tough, the Mission is there for me
and my family," says Julie.

It can be expensive to buy school supplies, so Julie feels blessed to receive backpacks filled with age appropriate school supplies from the Mission for each of her four children. "My children were thrilled to receive their backpacks! They liked the styles and all the different supplies. It was nice because they were able to have everything that everyone else had and not feel left out. At Christmas they are able to wake up Christmas morning to many wonderful gifts under the tree, all thanks to the Mission," says Julie. That is why she is grateful that the Mission not only meets their physical needs, but makes her children feel special and loved. It is comforting for Julie to know that she can turn to the Mission for help in caring for her family when times get tough.