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Theresa's Story

All at once, Theresa tragically lost her son and became responsible for her grandchild. “My son had always been the one to help take care of me. I can’t work because of my disability and now I’m struggling to make ends meet. I need help getting enough food to feed my family” she shares.


When a friend told Theresa to call the City Rescue Mission’s Family Care Ministry, she was pleasantly surprised to discover she could receive grocery assistance right away. “I always thought the Mission was just a homeless shelter. I had no idea how much help they truly offer.”


Unfortunately, Theresa’s story is all too familiar at the Mission. There are many parents and grandparents that face desperate times in life and need a helping hand. No one should have to worry about feeding their family. It is why the Mission keeps the food pantry stocked and grocery bags prepared. You never know when life will turn to a time of crisis.

"I had no idea how much help the Mission offers"

It is because of the support of compassionate donors that people like Theresa are able to receive the assistance they desperately need. “The donors are the people that make this happen. Their generosity is the reason I have food to feed my family,” Theresa shares.


Hunger and homelessness continue throughout the year. You can help! Check out a list of the Mission’s most needed items or click Donate Now to help us stock the pantry and provide food, shelter, and care for our neighbors in need.