Changed lives are the goal of the Recovery Ministry. Since 1911, tens of thousands of men and women have come through the doors of the City Rescue Mission. Through several different approaches, the Men’s and Women's Ministries care for hungry, homeless and hurting people.


The Mission’s Recovery Program provides intensive biblical discipleship to men who are interested in addressing life issues such as bondage to alcohol, drugs, gambling, pornography, and unemployment. Each man who participates in the Recovery Program has a safe place to live, food to eat, opportunities to learn good work habits, personal and group bible studies, discipleship, educational opportunities and access to a compassionate and caring staff. Each man experiences a life-changing love that empowers him to be completely restored...a new creation. Admittance to the program is after evaluation of our pastoral staff.




Before I came to the Mission, I never understood God’s word or how it related to me. The Recovery Program  gave me a better understanding of why I matter to God and what God wants from me. I learned accountability and responsibility.
- Gary 


For women who wish to make a long term commitment to breaking the bonds of strongholds and addiction, there is the Jesus First Program. Jesus First is a long term Biblical discipleship program for women to focus on healing and recovering from their past through devotions, Bible studies, classes and spiritual guidance. Upon graduation from the program, guests will learn that through a relationship with Jesus Christ, they can leave their troubled past and start anew with hope for the future.


“I lost everything, including my home. I was barely getting by. By the grace of God, someone told me  I was able to come here and I felt relieved to have shelter. I found the support I desperately needed at the Mission. Everyone here is so wonderful and helpful. I’ve been able to meet people with similar stories and grow closer to God.”

- Lainie