Matt's Story

A man of few words, Matt is the strong, silent type. God had no place in his life. The death of his daughter was one of many events which drove him to serious self-examination. Drugs, partying and bad choices began to take their toll. “I needed to get away from the drugs and the people, I was living in darkness of my own making.” Matt says. “You just stop caring when you’re sticking needles in your arm.” Knowing he had to leave his home, the source of his addiction, Matt began his journey to change with a 20-mile walk from Ohio to the Mission.  


Matt found work as a cook while staying at the Mission.” I didn’t plan to stay here.” Under a 16-day quarantine, Matt chose to give up his job and shelter in place in the Mission. “I didn’t want to be here at first, I was probably mad at God.” he shares. During that time, he befriended a Recovery Program graduate. The friend, a cook at the Mission, asked Matt, “Do you think it’s a coincidence that you’re here?”


"I learned patience and forgiveness..." 


The weeks that followed, Matt was helping prepare meals for the Mission and entered the Recovery Program after a short waiting period.  “I had to be patient.” Matt’s transformation was just beginning. His physical needs were met immediately, with emotional and spiritual help coming soon. With the help of staff and volunteers, he learned a prayer for the leading of the Holy Spirit in his life.  “I prayed this prayer for three weeks, it gave me peace of mind.”  Matt started to read the Bible. He recalls, “The first time I read it, I couldn’t understand it, now it’s my favorite book.” After graduation from the Program, Matt shares how his life is different now. “I learned patience and forgiveness, no more cursing, either.” The Program taught him how to deal with anger. He shares, “Once I let all that go, I had more peace of mind. I don’t think about myself as much anymore.”


Matt found a church to attend regularly and loves to cook meals at the Mission. “I like helping here, I get peace from helping the Mission and I like to cook!” Because of the faithful and selfless giving of donors and volunteers, Matt was transformed from a life of anger, addiction and hopelessness to selflessness and humility. “If I hadn’t come to the Mission, I wouldn’t be here today.” Of his recovery, Matt offers, “You have to let Jesus in, before you begin to change. I trust in God’s direction, for what He has planned for my life.”