Cavell's Story

Cavell’s journey to recovery is one of trials, perseverance and humility. Though young when he accepted Christ, much of his life was spent on the street.  At twelve, Cavell asked Jesus into his heart during a church service. “I came to Christ on my own without my parent’s help,” he offers. “I had great parents, but they made me go to church only on special occasions.”  Despite his belief in God, Cavell fell into a dangerous lifestyle which threated his survival. “When I asked God into my heart, I think that prevented me from dying.” Street life delayed God’s plan  and by age 16, addiction changed him. “I felt like I didn’t fit, so I acted out and made questionable decisions, “I had nothing to show for believing in God in my life.”


"My faith was transformed tremendously." 


At the Mission, Cavell found physical, emotional and spiritual help. Men’s Ministry staff befriended him and he became more comfortable with people, especially with other guests. “Being here taught me to be  open. If I am to be a blessing to people and pleasing to God, I had to learn to be around them.” In the recovery program, he gained understanding of God’s word. “My faith was transformed tremendously.” he shares. Through prayer, chapel services and classes led by Mission staff, Cavell learned God’s plan for his life. ”The Word is like a jigsaw puzzle, it makes sense as you’re putting all the pieces together.” He adds how the Mission helped him understand patience, self-control and tolerance, building back his faith and trust.. “I’m very different now, I‘ve matured spiritually and emotionally.” What he learned from bad experiences, he wants to share with other men. “I can empathize with them. I understand wrong choices they made, and want them to see someone making right choices.”


As a Program graduate, Cavell is dedicated to studying God’s Word, “I need to be that light for people to see; to learn how better to minister to those around me.” He adds, “I need to stay humble and teachable so God can continue to use me.” Attending a local church and helping at the Mission, Cavell looks toward opportunities to encourage other men and share his story. “I plan to stay connected.” Today, Cavell is free from addiction, his life transformation made possible through faithful support from Mission donors and volunteers. Grateful to the Mission for his recovery and for leading back to Christ, he shares, “I want to live a wholesome life, not littered with drugs, alcohol or deviance. The Mission saved my life.”