Sierra's Story

Through patience and prayers, God’s grace abounds. Sierra’s story shows how one family found God’s grace and hope at the Mission. With no affordable housing and a loss of income, Sierra’s family feared they would separate as they became homeless. Finding no immediate place to stay, Sierra feared the worst. “I didn’t want to place a burden on anyone. I guess we’ll be sleeping in a car.” They moved across the state and quickly learned about the Mission. Hoping her prayers would be answered, Sierra took a leap of faith. “God is going to make this happen.”  Relieved to learn a space was open, Sierra joyfully shares “I was so happy and so thankful we found Hope Place! The process was quick and once we got here, we immediately felt welcomed.” While Sierra and her daughter Gail stayed at Hope Place, Robert, her husband, stayed at the Men’s Ministry. “He really loves the pastors and staff. They’re so friendly and helpful,” Sierra shared. Each formed lasting relationships with Mission staff, volunteers and guests. “We experienced closeness with people unlike anywhere else.”


Sierra and Gail were surprised by the safe, clean facilities and spaces at Hope Place. “This is such a beautiful area!” Sierra exclaimed. They were delighted to have their own private room to live and sleep. “We were excited to have our own space and it’s so clean! We loved cooking in the kitchen! It’s beautiful!” Sierra found a new family with the caring staff and volunteers. “People here are respectful to us and to each other. They really want to get to know you here. We feel like we’re part of a bigger family.” Sierra and Gail’s faith changed as soon as they came to Hope Place. Gail says, “I had the greatest experience by coming to church and it all began when we came to Hope Place.” Sierra shares, “By going to church and connecting with other Christians, we got connected with the Bible even more, it’s like a rebirth of my spiritual journey.” Both Sierra and Gail loved the devotions and Bible studies given by staff volunteers, Sierra shares how it affected her, “I’ve become more open-minded about every situation; I’m more conscientious about other people.”


"My faith is ten times stronger" 


Coming to the Mission helped Sierra’s family meet their physical, spiritual and emotional needs. Nearly three years since having new prescriptions, Sierra and Gail received new glasses through the Mission. “We desperately needed them.” Sierra says. “I was ecstatic, because I know not everybody provides this kind of service.” The amount of care the Mission gave to Sierra paved a way to spiritual transformation.  “I’ve had spiritual battles in the past, after my stay at the Mission, my faith is ten times stronger.” After moving into their new home, Sierra and her family keep close contact with their friends from the Mission. “The staff always checks in to see how we are doing. I miss them already,” says Sierra. Sierra is grateful to the donors, staff and volunteers who made the physical care and spiritual renewal possible for her and her family. “I’m so thankful to the Mission. We don’t know what we would’ve done without their help. Thank you, Jesus!”