More Information for Volunteers

   If you are new to volunteering, or just looking for some information, you've come to the right place! We've tried to have the answers here to the most frequently asked questions, but feel free to email or call 724-652-4321 ext. 111 if you need additional help or information.


   If you are volunteering in the Men's Ministry (includes serving a meal), Family Care Ministry, or the Administrative Office, you should park in the lot adjacent to the Family Care Ministry. Parking is prohibited in the lot accross the street from the Mission. Your car could be subject to towing if you park in this lot. If you are volunteering in the Youth Ministry, there is adequate parking in the upper lot of the Sankey Center located at 125 W Grant Street. If you are volunteering in the Women's Ministry, parking is available at 1018 Rebecca Street.


     All volunteers should sign in upon arrival within their assigned Ministry. Be sure to sign out when you complete your shift. Those individuals or groups that will be serving a meal in the Men's Ministry at the Croton Avenue location, should proceed to the Front Desk (straight ahead after entering the Men's Ministry entrance) to sign in and turn in any release forms. After completing your shift in the kitchen, you should sign out at the Front Desk before you leave.


     Sign in/out at the Front Desk. Obtain a Volunteer apron in the pantry. If you are serving alone, you can hang your coat on the hook with the aprons and proceed to the Kitchen area. Groups can place coats in the Chapel. All valuables, including purses, should be locked in yor car or kept on your person. No valuables (including car keys or cell phones) should be left in your coat.

     All volunteers serving a meal are required to wear a Volunteer apron, hair net, and gloves for safety. Be sure to that you or all members of your group sign-out upon completetion of your service.


     If your group is participating in BAM! (Bring a Meal), you should call or email as soon as possible, but no later than one week before your scheduled date to advise on your menu choices and what time you expect to arrive to begin preparing your food. Upon arrival, please check-in at the Men's Ministry and have your food donation weighed so it can be entered into our accounting records. In lieu of weighing the food, you can provide your name, address, and value of your food purchases to the person at the Front Desk. We usually estimate the number of meals served on Saturday lunch or Sunday dinner at between 75 to 80, but the number could be lower depending on the time and day of the month the meal is scheduled. You can schedule a visit to our Kitchen to look around and familiarize yourself by emailing or by calling 724-652-4321 ext. 111.


     If you or your group is scheduled to serve a meal in the Men's Ministry kitchen, you should arrive approximately 15 minutes before meal service begins. Be sure to sign in/out upon your arrival and when you leave. Be sure to wear clothing that can get dirty and that is modest.  High heels and open-toed shoes are prohibited in the kitchen. Please ask the kitchen staff to provide you with a volunteer apron (located in the pantry), hair net, and plastic gloves to ensure sanitary service.

      Children under the age of 12 are not permitted to serve in the kitchen area for safety. Children under the age of 12 may be given permission to serve in the dining area, but typically this only is given on holidays. Volunteers between the ages of 12 and 17 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

     In most cases, you will be serving the meal that is open to the public. A member of our Volunteer Relations Team will confirm the date and meal you will be serving.  If you are serving lunch on a weekday, You should arrive at 11:30 am. If you are serving lunch on Saturday, you should arrive at 12:30 pm, and if you are serving dinner on Sunday, you should arrive at 4:30 pm.


     Volunteers are an extension of the City Rescue Mission, and are expected to dress appropriately for all volunteer assignments. These guidelines should be followed when determining appropriate attire: Clothing should be neat, clean and fit properly; appearance and dress should be professional and appropriate to your position; clothing with holes, stains, tears or fraying should not be worn; clothing must be free from obscene pictures and language; closed toe and no heel shoes are to be worn in the kitchen and during outdoor volunteer assignments. Business casual is the dress code for the Administrative Office. Sandals with a strap (no flip-flops) are permitted in the office; tank tops, tube or halter tops may not be worn under any circumstance; and all attire should be modest and in good taste.


     If you are a regularly scheduled volunteer, you can refer to the last page of your Volunteer Manual to find the contact information for your volunteer position. Please contact that person as soon as practicable to advise them that you are unable to come as scheduled. You may also call or email the Volunteer Office at 724-652-4321 ext 111, but be aware that the Office is staffed approximately 12 hours per week. If you are scheduled to serve a meal in the Men's Ministry, you can email and to advise that you are unable to come.


     The Volunteer Office is staffed Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10 am to 2 pm. The telephone number is 724-652-4321 ext 111 and the email address is


    Lost your Release Form, or can't find your Volunteer Manual? Follow the links below to download a copy:

Group Member Volunteer Release Form - Adult

Group Sign In/Out Form

Group Member Volunteer Release Form - Minor

Individual Volunteer Release Form - Adult

Individual Volunteer Release Form - Minor

Volunteer Manual