Volunteer Opportunities - Groups

We are looking for groups who can do one of the following:

  1. BAM! Bring a Meal!  Your group can bring and serve a purchased or prepared meal for our guests. For more information, download our BAM! brochure.
  2. Host a party or activity. Mission guests enjoy movie nights, game nights, picnics, cookouts, and more!
  3. Organize a drive of needed items.  Encourage your church or group to organize a drive.  Here is a list of most needed items..
  4. Serve A Meal.  Groups of 5 or less can come serve a meal in our kitchen. Limited availability at this time.
  5. Cleaning or Maintenance. On occasion, we will have projects that are suitable for small group that involve cleaning, painting, or other facility maintenance projects. These projects are offered on an as-needed basis.

If your group is interested in learning more about any of the above positions, please complete the Inquiry Form below and a member of our Volunteer Relations Team will be in touch with you via email or phone. Thank you!