Volunteer Opportunities - Individuals

We are looking for individuals for the following positions:

  • *Morning Devotions Leader needed for Women's Ministry guests.
  • * Centershot Youth Archery Helper needed to help with sign-in and snacks. Background screening required.
  • *Church Ambassadors to help educate, inform, and connect your church to the work at the City Rescue Mission.
  • Mail Ambassadors to receive our mailings and let us know via email the date that the letter was received.
  • *Men of Faith to serve at the Front Desk of the Men's Ministry or serve as Mentors in the Recovery Program.
  • Meal servers - Limited availability at this time.
  • Organizers for Drives of Needed Items. View our needed items list here

*Position requires Christian Testimony

If you are interested in learning more about any of the above positions, please complete the Inquiry Form below and a member of our Volunteer Relations Team will be in touch with you via email or phone. Thank you!