Many different circumstances bring homeless women to Hope Place, the City Rescue Mission's shelter for women and women with children. They come looking for a safe place for themselves and their children to stay where they can regroup their lives. They are greeted by a friendly, compassionate staff and are provided food, a safe place to sleep and other items such as clothing and personal hygiene items if needed. Guests participate in educational, recreational, and spiritual activities such as parenting and budgeting classes, watching and discussing instructional videos, Bible studies and holiday events.



The routine within the Women's Ministry helps guests learn that structure is important for daily living. When the time comes, guests are helped to re-establish their homes and lives and referrals to other agencies as needed. After guests leave, the Women's Ministry staff members continue to reach out with follow-up support. In all these things they introduce the women and children to the One who can really change their lives, the Lord Jesus Christ.


For guests who wish to make a long term commitment to deepening their faith, there is the Jesus First program. Jesus First is a long term Biblical discipleship program designed especially for women which is focused on healing and recovering from their past through devotions, Bible studies, classes, and spiritual guidance. Upon graduation from the program, guests will learn that through a relationship with Jesus Christ, they can leave their troubled past and start anew with hope for the future.